Friday, April 10, 2015 What Love Does to You.

Hmmm! Its another friday and today is a special day because we will be flying high in Love. But don't get drunk or crasy in it. You do need your sanity to enjoy the flight. A little doze for the heart sake. Lol! Let's examine it from when you're apart and when you're together.

What Love Does To You

When You Are Apart:
- You still stay connected
- You don't stop thinking about each other
- You're glad as the time ticks away because it draws you closer to when you'll get to meet
- Your heart beat skips in anticipation
- You hold a secret smile when his/her thoughts flashes by

When You Are Together
- You feel the world revolves around you two
- Each moment counts
- There's much joy and talk
- Sometimes there's hurt/pain when things goes wrong
- But together you believe you can rise and fly
- When "I Love You" is exchanged; none can be sure who loves more. Him or her.
- The kiss ignites the fire or flow like the river. Depending on where or how long you've missed each other *winks*
And the journey of loving is.................................. Endless
- When you have to part again, the tears can't be held back but you're comforted with the warm embrace of love that binds you two together.
This article is dedicated to Lovers that have to live apart as a result of circumstances beyond their control. Love is what makes the relationship stay true. Cheers!

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  1. Love is everything and so much more. Thanks for sharing that, happy weekend!