Saturday, April 18, 2015

Love From a Distance

I rush to the phone
When the ring is your tone
Comfort to my soul
The sound of your voice
Your rumbling laughter
Melody to the heart
Piercing to the bone
The thought of you

I'll walk a million miles
Swim across the ocean
Fight the fiercest of battles
Jump difficult hurdles
Climb the highest mountain
Break the strongest barrier
Loose the toughest of chains
Just to be with you.

In my life you reside
A noble king you are
Constantly in my dream
Priceless are the moments
Bank full of memories
As a flower garden
The ills of fate may strike
Firm in love we remain


  1. is always good to tell your love ones how you feel about them not to flatter them but the truth in a poetic manner makes it more comforting and romantic just in case he/she is not close to you,,but your sweet words will not depart from their heart that what the wise men call love at heart..

  2. That was a nicely written poem, evokes so much love!

  3. A beautiful poem for every one that loves from the heart. I like

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